Thursday, November 6, 2008

chequing in

so this past sunday we went to an nyu recording studio to begin recording our song "no dialogue" for doug's recorded music project. we had to settle for no 36 piece orchestra but the results thus far have been nonetheless pimp. we did drums, guitar and bass (dees best playing yet), and are going in sunday evening to lay down the vocals and finish things up. i don't know when we'll have a finished mix since its really dougs thing, but i'm very psyched for whenever we do. this is probably as slick and sugary as the slothbear gets.

also about that last mr beery's gig. the sound guy that night was this big fat neanderthal with a rat tail who unecessarily mic'd our amps and then gave us shit for "overpowering the system," blaming our own faulty equipment rather than his own ineptitude. we turned down to inaudible levels, essentially ruining what would've been an otherwise good show, and he still gave us shit. during the guitar squalls of olio/d jam this d-bag straight up unplugged my guitar! whatta dick. the me of old would probably have broken a mic stand or something belligerent like that in response, but now that i've mellowed out and wisened up -- the fact that this was a dive bar full of white trash biker-looking skinheads who would've punched my teeth wasn't encouraging either -- i just walked out of the place with my tail between my legs. apparently in my absence slothbear just had a noise meltdown a la our SUNY purchase debut. someone told them it was "awesome." haha. ja called the sound guy a cocksucker and we left. this dude outside told us that sound guy has given his band a hard time in the past, and is just totally incompetent. it was definitely disappointing to know we would've played well if it weren't for the morbidly obese rat tailed motherfucker, but tough shit, right? we definitely won't be asked back again, and given the crowd that comes out there, and the fact that none of our friends can legally get in, it's probably for the better. we appreciate tom paying us last time even though we didn't earn him any money, and booking us again for this show. it was definitely really nice of him and no one affiliated with a long island venue has ever really "gotten" us or actually come out back to just shoot the shit with us the way he did, but ultimately things just didn't work out. thems the breaks.

BUT HEY, S'ALL GOOD, SLOTHBEAR'S GOT A GIG AT STONY BROOK NEXT THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH. we were picked to play the egregiously named "RockYoFace" Showcase upstairs at the Tabler Arts Center, and because our recordings are so shitty, we're opening in the 8:15 slot. dbleek will not be in attendance but such is the case for basically every practice so it'll be a good time. and its free so shit why not?