Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Anna Bradley just made my favorite album of 2010.


I'll post a link when it's officially out, and the cover art (made by Palz of Animal CollectimeanSlothbear) whenever I find a jpg.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010


Earnest change of pace-- I feel now's as good a time as any to give my favorite venue in da world a plug. It's my friend Matt's house across town in Valley Stream (Woodmere, really) and it's called Nana's. Nana's was once Matt's grandma's house but he came to live there because a tree crushed his bedroom in his old house during that one weekend earlier this year when there were hurricane force winds. Matt made the good call to then turn his newfound crib into a DIY venue, which has come to host free house shows (free beer for bands, though I'm told this was initially applicable *only for Slothbear*) ~every other Saturday since the beginning of the summer. The 'Grand Opening' show, which was a record release party for the very sweet LP Matt's band SDLK made, blew me and the rest of Da Bears away (Doug actually got lost en route). The haunt has since served as a consistent source of good, hospitable timez for us and the rest of our own little corner of Alt. Look how much fun we've had!:

There's actually a show there next Friday which I would indubitably attend if I were stateside, featuring SDLK, Gaza Striptease and Highway Gimps. On the 21st, we'll be sharing the bill with fellow Nana's favorites Anna Bradley and The Labor Daze (as well of SDLK of course). The last scheduled show of the summer is the 27th, which should hopefully feature Lost Boy ? and perhaps even Fuck Explorer, if we can get a hold of those guys (very standoffish, major pricks). After that, Matt's gonna knock down some walls and turn the place into a studio wherein SDLK will begin recording new material. Shows will pick up again, though perhaps not quite as often. I urge any band which any semblance of an interest in playing Long Island (just outside Queens, and near Green Acres mall, home of the Murderplex and the Walmart where that employee got trampled) to get in touch. Likewise, I encourage any Indy Rock Enthusiast to come down and check out a show sometime-- I mean, it's fucking free, u miser.

Sunday, August 1, 2010