Monday, March 29, 2010

American Boner Invitational

saturday night was the first ever american boner invitational at krissy's house. mike o'brien played mike o'brien, fuck explorer played to a shockingly and possibly undeservedly good response, and magnificent beast played their best set yet-- i really am looking forward to their EP. slothbear was rowdy and ruff. cheers erupted throughout the agathos abode, and a certain mom was heard to say, "i love slothbear and the drummer looks like christian slater."

the day before that, the tunes-before-poon faction of slothbear spent the day with josh bonati of Aa fame in brooklyn, as he mastered qids. it's essentially finished and will probably come out via da web in a week or so, with physical copies to be available at upcoming shows. here's the tracklist:

1. no dialogue
2. white christmas
3. pa kids
4. killed by cars
5. don't taunt a tiger
6. olio
7. djam
8. the exceptional bastards
9. jose
10. fluoxetine
11. spacey
12. little qid
13. the words will come

clockin in at a little under 62 minutes. fuck da world

Thursday, March 11, 2010

wide berth

~*`a special thanks to all the generous, earnest and upstanding promoters, organizers, artists and bloggers who have been nothing but supportive these past several weeks. soon enough, the fruits of your labor rise, and the blood will be on your hands`*~

Friday, March 5, 2010


seminal indie rock bassist and close confidant of derek abdekalimi mike watt played "don't taunt a tiger" on his radio show in san pedro the other day. this makes brother mike the most famous person in the world who currently likes slothbear, edging out craig finn of the hold steady.