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ghost mall and other foes

over the summer our good friend kabir did something noble-- he organized a show for his friends' bands to play. already a nice gesture, it says a lot that kabir poured time and effort into an event that he, a musician himself, selflessly decided not to play. at risk of patting myself and the rest of the sloths on the back, we also had a major hand in enabling the show to happen. despite having the longest trek to midtown's tank venue, we obliged to provide all amps and a full drum kit for the other two bands performing, sunshower orphans and ghost mall.

unfortunately, for all our troubles, both slothbear and kabir were slapped in the face by the members of these two bands. despite not only booking him a gig, but also filling in on drums during his set, kabir was repeatedly harassed by mike -- er, "misha"-- of the sunshower orphans in the weeks leading up to the show. initially, kabir agreed to add doug's other band, beauty feast to the bill, and we contacted them to confirm that they could play. misha, however, objected to this, refusing to play or associate with such putrid individuals who "think the world revolves around roslyn." a full disclosure, this would be a rather intriguing world perspective for beauty feast to have, seeing as how doug is not only the lone member from roslyn, but also the only member from the state of new york. without embarking on an entirely different discussion by acknowledging the fact that discriminating against a group of people for hailing from suburban long island is in absolutely no way different than discriminating against a group of people for being black, jewish, muslim, gay (more on this later), or female, we allowed misha to effectively hijack the show, awkwardly revoking the invitation to beauty feast, and replacing them on the bill with misha's friends, ghost mall.

misha's audacious behavior didn't stop there, however. kabir made the diplomatic decision to order the bill ghost mall-slothbear-sunshower orphans, in an effort to motivate the largely ubiquitous ghost mall/sunshower orphans crowd to stay for the entirety of the show. this apparently infuriated chancellor misha, who verbally and psychologically debased kabir, contesting that such a lineup would result in his ghost mall & co having to "sit through an hour of bullshit" just to see their friends play. he also objected to us playing an extended set, because it would make ghost mall "look bad" since they only had six songs. i'm not one to psychoanalyze; i think freud was full of shit. but i will say that misha's idiosyncrasies bear striking resemblance to those of my grandmother who i'm pretty sure has borderline personality disorder. after unfortunately being diagnosed with cancer last year, my grandma did a personality 180, curbing her difficult, abusive and manipulative behavior, and no longer refusing to be on speaking terms with my mother. i'm not saying i hope misha gets cancer so that he can be a nice, agreeable fellow. i'm just sayin', s'all.

kabir's pet theory, which i wholly agree with, was that misha ironically enough feared that when ghost mall & friends met slothbear & friends, these two social circles which he strove so hard to segregate would coalesce. having by that time spent several months working on sleeping with josh's ex-girlfriend (to no avail), misha just could not fathom the idea of a bunch of long island townies befriending his privileged and cultured city kin.

luckily for misha, his friends in ghost mall did their part in surpassing even his own audacity. where misha was passive-aggressive to a level bordering on sociopathic, at once imploring josh to bury the hatchet and denouncing him to kabir (both via internet), ghost mall were all unbridled, testosterone-fueled, early-adolescent, neanderthaloid aggression.

it started innocuously-- we'd just set up all the equipment for ghost mall onstage when their singer asked if we could pick up everything and move it onto the floor in front of the stage. u kno, bein authentic '77 punkrokkers and such, ghost mall just like to play in da round. this was obnoxious, sure, but we sheepishly denied them and the show commenced.

moments into their set it became clear that ghost mall's live thing was to be really confrontational in that "punk" way-- you know, intimidating the crowd and such. having quit baseball in high school due to run-ins with such machismo, and seeking refuge in the independent rock music i'd been hearing so much about as a young man, this just was not something i wanted to be a part of, so josh and i quietly sat down in the comfortable movie theatre-style seats in the back of the tank.

this apparently severely bruised ghost mall's singer's ego, as he got up in our grills and essentially threatened and attempted to humiliate us (would've worked in high school!) in between songs for sitting down, a cardinal sin at ghost mall shows. i'm not going to get into how i think the bands that whore themselves to indifferent crowds with lines such as "C'MON GUYS YOU KNOW YOU CAN MOVE UP FRONT" are embarrassing. what i will say is that music is something i enjoy deeply sitting on a train, walking through suburbia, running on the treadmill, and laying in bed at night. everyone has their own listening habits and mannerisms, and has every right to them; there is no one right or wrong way to appreciate music. the notion that by sitting down, i am somehow less engaged is remarkably close minded, and evidence of the fact that ghost mall were more concerned with their own insecurities, than the crowd's enjoyment.

eventually the threats of physical violence deteriorated into gay jokes. ian and doug had a veritable sit-in up closer to the stage, which led the singer to call ian a "morrissey faggot," or something preposterous like that. doug made the astute observation that the band was biting the hand that feeds them, alternating between insulting us, and playing on our equipment. the singer responded with some brilliant quip about ian's drum set being "sparkly," and therefore gay.

once ghost mall had had their fill, we took the stage. josh quoted the late (:'(), great Emperor with a well timed "WHAT UP FANS?!" and informed the crowd that they could sit, stand or do as they please. we tore it up for an hour, our friends went crazy, the ghost mall singer sternly stood front and center, and misha disappeared into the shadows of the tank. after our set, we suggested that kabir get up and play a song or two, since it was after all thanks to him that this show became a reality. after a hushed argument with misha, kabir declined to play.

after the show, the drummer in ghost mall called josh a cocksucker and threatened to kick his ass. josh laughed him off, and said "one love." we assumed they were high schoolers based on their behavior, but months later were shocked and appalled to learn through mutual friends that the members of ghost mall were actually older than we were. we evidently made quite the impact on them, nonetheless, as they spread the word about slothbear being a bunch of assholes everywhere they went. several times have we run into people, and when slothbear comes up, they say "oh man, my friends ghost mall say you guys are assholes!" googling slothbear and ghost mall yields aim conversations posted on blogs about members of slothbear ass fucking each other, and josh being a "gay, aryan bruno bodybuilder," which is honestly just awesome and not even entirely inaccurate. other search results include a new paltz zine article on the band which opens with the line "ghost mall really hate slothbear." disgruntled blog posts by friends of the band about the show we played together are littered about the web. the ghost mall myspace features the motto "NEVER SIT DOWN," and various other thinly veiled allusions to us being assholes. our facebook page was even recently flooded with "FUCK SLOTHBEAR" posts by someone who is either in or friends with them.

i am both amused and saddened by this fixation. the fact that ghost mall like slothbear's music is indisputable. their homophobia and flagrant lack of gratitude notwithstanding, i honestly feel bad that these dudes are so jealous of us that they can't get us out of their heads. a part of me wonders whether ghost mall attempt to blacklist us from brooklyn, while another part takes some satisfaction in the fact that there are people out there who only know of slothbear via the fact that they are apparently assholes.

i will be the first to say that it is remarkably presumptuous to assume that anyone out there is seeking information on this ghost mall vs. slothbear beef, but i write this gratuitous spotblog post not only because i've nothing better to do at 4 AM, but to serve as an honest-to-god accurate account of what happened. though, from an objective standpoint, i could see how it is merely our word versus the words of band of incredibly petty, bigoted individuals who sing hackneyed lines about "wanting to change the world" or some shit. and they call us hippies!

that said, i at the very least am certain of the fact that given their obsession with us, ghost mall will read this entry. and so, in an effort to bury the hatchet once and for all, i extend this peace offer:

i will come visit y'all, and for as long as it takes, work on teaching you guys how to play a major seventh chord. free of charge. it breaks my heart to see you go on the way you've been, and i'm willing now to set things right.

you know how to reach me.


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gud timez w/ nadav

slothbear's true identities and a brand new song are revealed.


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the taste of sleep
Sophisticated Problem
4 days ago

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Live @ the Tank

Videos by Kipling from Anna Bradley and a kid named Ari.

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SLOTHBEAR has 666 friends.

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New Times New Viking - "No Time, No Hope"

This is like the old Slothbear EP, but less complex
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it was ringo !!!

What they lacked in audience, Long Island’s Slothbear made up for in volume and ferocity. The lead guitarist kept his back to the tiny crowd for most of the set, cajoling a supernatural series of harmonic notes, overrunning his bandmates’ Dinosaur Jr. power riffs, thundering drums and measured screamy vocals. What pushed me from “This band isn’t half bad” to “I gotta get their record!” was the singer’s last stand, quoting John Lennon’s anguished declaration at the end of Beatles track “Helter Skelter”: “I’VE GOT BLISTERS ON MY FINGERS!” The room was comfortable in temperature, but at the end of their set, Slothbear were soaked with sweat.

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Strange Shapes/Castles

so i got the s/t strange shapes EP today and it's pretty great. i'd compare it to vampire weekend meets grizzly bear, but a little jangly. their songs have lots of cool little parts and the guitar work is really cool; the production is also great. it's always a relief to find guitar bands that don't just do the whole 4/4 rock thing but who aren't mathy.

they let you download it for free here:

we're playing the lit lounge with them next month on the 23rd-- pretty psyched for that.

sheffield-based recording artist GHOSTS compiled a mixtape of bedroom recordings by a buncha cool lo-fi acts called "Castles" and included "the exceptional bastards."

download it as one half-hour mp3 here:

00:00 - Ghosts - 'Ghosts'
02:33 - Dead Gaze - 'A Simple Man' ***
06:13 - Old Blood - 'Cannibal Lovin'
08:53 - Mazes - 'Smoker Song'
09:29 - Slothbear - 'The Exceptional Bastards'***
12:47 - Dog Bite - 'Swans'***
16:00 - Death In Donut Plains - 'Empty Belly of the Trojan Horse'***
20:00 - Warren Myles - 'Boxing Day'
22:32 - With Moths - 'Two Birds'
24:41 - No Lakes - 'Sailors Ball on Ghost at Sea'
27:10 - A. God Water - 'Don't Be Like You'
28:54 - Thee Moths - 'Ghost With a Robotic Left Leg Wanders the Old Home'***

*** = SlothApproved Hot-Track (tm)

l8 p

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Big Weekend

Slothbear's big weekend has finally started winding down. Amps and drums were brought up scores of flights of stairs, time and time again, listless audiences abounded. Sure, there were pretty faces along the way, those whose names only appear in harsh, un-click-able, black fonts or spend their time in hazy pastures, gnawing away at the flora, never to be bridled or tamed. It started with the former, as Slothbear got ready to play a set at Kenny's Castaways, a lousy little place that my cousin saw the Ramones play at twenty five years ago, with a sound guy who apparently liked us in addition to looking like a Bauhaus loving, at least bi-curious version of Alan Rickman's Severus Snape. We huddled in a clamour of teen-boy whisperings and eventually took the tiny cluttered stage after wistfully bathing in the nostalgia never felt for the lot of bands who soundtracked Mallrats. We played a set that looks a lot like the others we've been playin: White Xmas, Olio, D, Spacey, No D, Tiger, Fluoxetine, Lil Qid. And had a good time doing so. We played for my mom, Craig's parents, lanky undeserving boyfriends of lovely girls and several coked-up (according to my mother) baby boomers who would occasionally make their ways to the stage to do strange shuffles, as their ear buds howled Steely Dan into their aging ear-holes and into and out of the folds of their brains. Sure I ended up sick to my stomach in a parking garage, but who doesn't.
The next day Doug, Ian and I made a trek out to Stony Brook for an appearance on WUSB's Oprah's Handbag, hosted by none other than Krissy, our dear affiliate. We played White Xmas, Olio, Tiger and an encore, actually solicited by Krissy, of Djam. Doug came up with a new pseudonym, "Wawn," and we shot the s-word with as little lewd language was we could manage. On the show several things were determined. Ian is Cutebear, Doug Smartbear, Myself Softbear and Craig was dubbed Useless Liar, though on second thought, I renamed him Ornerybear. We then got Green Cactus with Ross, and Ross and I got some Ice Cream. That night ended with South Park and slumber and the next day began with lugging amps, though not before Craig made me my very own Slothbear sharpie shirt, "Fierce 34" etched across my shoulders.
The lugging of amps up and down flights of stairs several times over the course of yesterday, justified Craig and I in eating our something short of healthy dinners. We played KellyFest, an outdoor show that at no given moment had much of an audience. Contrary to the warm spring air, which wafted around Craig, Ian and I (Doug was at work), like the smoke from Ian's menthol cigarette, which he smoked pimply as we began our set, the audience was somewhat less than tepid. We played Xmas, Olio/D, and ND/Tiger. Shows without bass are lame, but I had fun, sweat blinded, sending bent guitar notes out into the open air.
In the evening the lugging of amps resumed, and Slothbear brought our amps to the TAC, where we were recorded for a college radio, itunes podcast of sorts. I don't know the details. What I do know is, Patrice recorded us after we were subjected to two of the three most depressing musical ensembles on a shithole campus replete with them. We did an interesting set, which was meant to be one lengthy take but ended up two. A Fall-esque "Exceptional Bastards" gave way to "Little Qid/Swamp Boogie/Roll Over John Peel," the latter of which was a lengthy take of "Little Qid" complete with a truncated version of the interlude I play before "Little Qid" live. I don't know what is to become of this song. This recording, if we like it, might be offered as some sort of stop gap live EP. It was very off the cuff in nature. We fucked around and had fun.

That's all for now.


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Slothbear in the Big City

This week was a big one for the 'Bear.
We played Death by Audio as scheduled, which I thought may have been the best set, or one of the best sets we ever played. The sound levels were stellar, and I had a lot of fun kicking out the jams. The setlist was as follows:
White Christmas
No Dialogue/Don't Taunt a Tiger
Slothbear superchums were in attendance, including Kabir of Anna Bradley, SBEAR roommate/affiliate FDB, Thom of Horribles/Crabagado, the Ray-Keefe boys and others of course, whose feelings I don't fear hurting for not mentioning, as literally no one but Conor Seidman reads this blog. We played with Picture Books, who were one of the nicest bands I've met in a while, coming out from Chicago. We also played with Boo and Boo Too, whose set I missed because I had to head back, for I had school early. Craig, Kabir, the Ray-Keefes and I were all on the L train when Justin said "You guys were more like Rush than ever before," and then continued to liken us to the Allman Brothers Band and "Television, I guess." I figure most of these comparisons came from Djam/MFKids, or whatever it will appear on the tracklist of Qids as, whereon I had a most fervent jam, and debuted some really amateur finger-tapping.
Craig and I had a rough commute to Stony Brook, where I crashed. We didn't arrive til close to 4 AM, but arrived to a pleasant surprise. Whilst checking the Bearsloth account, Craig spotted a reply from the dude Andy who books at Cake Shop. I had sent him the following email on Monday as a joke:

Hey I'm Josh of Slothbear. We're playing Death by Audio this coming Thursday with Boo and Boo Too and we saw that you were hosting a show of theirs on Friday. We were wondering if there'd be anyway we could get on that bill, so that when we're old and grey we can tell the grandkids, "Kids, I used to be something! I once played two consecutive shows with Boo and Boo Too!"

Help an old man's dreams come true.

Also, if you don't believe we're good, or can't tell from the killer tunes on the 'space, here are other people validating my opinion! we rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then proceeded to copy and paste the excerpts from press we've gotten, as seen on our myspace. I followed this email with a link to a picture of a red panda playing with a ball and the following:

I can tell from having tried to play shows and not having gotten to play said shows, that bands aren't judged solely on the merit of their music.
I guess I'll learn how to play hard ball, here's some more incentive to let us play on the seventeenth (or really anytime would be cool)...

-Josh of Slothbear

much love

Believe it or not it worked, and after six hours of sleep and a couple hours of class Craig and I rode home in the chariot of Master Babylon J. Heed, loading up the gear and heading to NYC.

We played Cake Shop with Liam the Younger, Boo and Boo Too and Real Estate.
We were the first band, and I enjoyed every set of the night, despite contracting a fever at some point. Our friend Krissy drove 2 hours out in traffic to see us, and our main man Ross made it out again. The set was as follows:
White Christmas
No Dialogue
Don't Taunt a Tiger
Killed by Cars

We were gonna play Little Qid, but didn't have the time. All the bands were really nice, Liam's frontman complimented by soloing, which was sweet, and the perhaps equally jammy Real Estate (though in a way more akin to traditional jam aesthetics, which I wouldn't say Slothbear really share much with on a sonic level) seemed to like us as well. I hope to get to play with all three bands again, and Slothbear is set to play with Liam the Younger again on May first, my Aunt Gina's birthday, and the date of the potential show with Titus Andronicus. Krissy, is a huge supporter of the 'Bear, and is behind the May first gig, and the SBU radio show we are playing this coming Friday. She also talked to Real Estate about a show in the early fall at SBU, which hopefully Slothbear will be able to play as well. Craig was really enthusiastic about our set at Cake Shop.

We have shows this coming Thursday at Kenny's Castaways and this coming Saturday at Kelly Fest and are on WUSB Friday.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Impose Magazine

"Sloth Bear sound exactly how your band sounded back in high school when you only listened to Pavement. Apparently that is still happening. I certainly can’t complain."


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brooklyn Endeavors: LIVEJOURNAL LOLZ

so i'm in this alley way, and things have been dripping on me at least forty five minutes. dublique's van is broken down, he's tryin in a feverish haze to fix it, and these camouflaged garbed eye-rapists are snarling and bearing their teeth. palz and bates went to smoke and i was just sort of off to myself, there were brunettes but i was overwrought with anxiety. i kept twitching and jumping with every new shadow cast, waiting for this big, racist, inevitable event, stemming from some broken liquor bottle or look of alleged ill intent.
this violinist chick is around and she'd been shredding something ferocious, but that was way after the alley part. bespectacled i entered, unbuttoned to midriff. in this real strange christmas plaid, amphibians up in my esophagus(?spellcheck), i keep up this scoff, and i'm real nervous about nosebleeds, cuz i've had a lot lately.
twee pop and roots bullshit, i remember how rock and roll i am.
we don't do some of the favorites, but we do some of the others.

the setlist was: fluoxetine/dont taunt a tiger/killed by cars/no
dialogue/interlude/little qid.

kabir, martin and justin came out. lara and guy missed it but showed up.

so i'm in that closet, looks like a wealthy friend's father's study, and she was small and string broken. it only worsened in the hall, with kabir, palz and the newfound professor, when two girls, cumulative twenties were shaking just out of reach to quote an almost 20th c doug. one whose lip was dually punctured, one in arms of cokehead.

sure wouldve liked to play later, to the hordes of hipsters and the such, but hey, whats a boy to do? we played well it was fun and cathartic and all those things, though alas it was fleeting. we ought to get more shows with the likes of these bluegrass, key of c brooklyners, hawk and dove(cute violinists abound, missed their set eating pizza--> major faux pas), doug's new group (jealousy!) beauty feast or someshit and strange shapes, whose set i missed whilst learning from the professor, seeing two hotties (and totally blowing a chance with one of them, who definitely wouldnt have gone for a goofy ass nicka like me, but who i honestly had an easy oppurtunity to start talking to). NO REGRETS!

Anyway, we plan on training at lengths when the car's fixed in the ghetto and getting strong for DBA.

setlist tba.

oh yeah my exgirlfriend raped me.

Sunday, March 29, 2009



Sittin' alone on a tree stump
I was simply wonderin'
How she feels
yeah that's what I was a wondrin'
The neighborhood is sultry and dazed
THerss one question i keep on askin doug
doug how do you think she feels
"Idk josh, how shefeels yeah"
AND YR ♥ is F-edUP (GettingCrunkdwonderinhowshefeelsyeah)
AND YR ARMS ARE HELLA RIPPED (howshefeelhowshefeelsYES)
AND UR alaarms keep going "AH AH AH"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Expounding Upon the SameOld...

We have two new songs/classic hits that we recorded yesterday for Qids. The tracklist is still up in the air, and its likely that something here or there will be left off, but it remains to be seen as we go. I finished Killed by Cars, barring some minor edits, which I am always prone to make. Yesterday's hulking achievement and the most clutch thing we got done was the completion of Olio/Djam. We've had a 2008 demo of the song up for a while, and we thought we were going to use it on Qids, but Ian cited dissatisfaction with the drums on that earlier version, though as it stands, the guitar solo I play on that rendition is probably the single greatest live take I've ever played. The result is a more raucous take on the song, which is very intense.

The earlier version had a more laid back vibe, but over the course of a few takes, and with the white hot waves of Craig's chords and Ian's fucking intense drumming, the new Djam is one of the most blistering jams I've ever played. Sometimes I feel detached from rock music, but other times I feel its redemptive power or whatever in such an intense way. Yesterday was a very rock day. Craig has some guitar overdubs left, Doug has to record bass for three songs and comp whatever guitar parts I laid down (on Djam and Fluoxetine I played a few solos, and we haven't sifted through them yet to see which takes were best), we have to figure out what we're doing with samples, try to record/re-work this interlude idea and of course do all the vocals. Then the four of us have to mix it together, with a lot of the footwork being done by Doug at NYU with Ian, his young protege.
We have that Death by Audio show coming up. I assume nobody reads this blog, but if you do and are in the NY area, you should come out to see us, it's gonna be a big show for us and more importantly fun as hell.

Also, we're trying to get a gig together to celebrate the brief return of Slothbear's main-man Jose Santos, who is back from the Marines for a spell. We're looking for a basement or really any type of venue for us to play at, and equally importantly, to throw a party for Jose at. I have a feeling an old hit will make its way into the repertoire that night...


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Basement Bonanza

Hey. Last night's show was pretty pimp, and I decided that whilst I listen to Fishscale, I should reflect upon it, so when my aunt in North Carolina, who is the only person who checks this as far as I know, sees it she can hear about the show!
So the first artist to play was Anna Bradley, who we've already referenced on this blog, and who is Kabir Kumar. Anna tore shit up. Some of Anna's songs work well as acoustic or solo pieces, but Kabir decided to treat even those songs with the utmost ferocity. He played a fucking sick red jaguar and blasted through about 11 songs in no more than 25 minutes.
Crabagado, who as I probably already mentioned are the next evolution of what was Alex and the Horribles, played an intense set. Alex twitched and screamed inebriated, and their takes on two Horribles songs were the peaks to me, but Kabir I know really liked the new Crabagado jams, which I'm anxious to hear recorded in studio. They had a very rollicking, good times vibe.

I cant review Slothbear's set, cuz I was in the midst of it. I had a shitload of fun though, despite my middle fretting fingertip being fucked up.
The Set:
White Christmas
No Faith Schizophrenic Crack Pipe Dreams
Fluoxetine/Don't Taunt A Tiger
Zotee/No Dialogue
The Exceptional Bastards
PA Kids (at Kabir's request)
Playthings/Grey and Depraved
Little Qid
(Swamp Boogie)

Also, we did a fun soundcheck for Ross of the Bird song, that's something I'd like to play out soon...

Pics by Kabir and others, soon!

the Fierce-one

Thursday, March 12, 2009

upcoming gigs

This saturday the 'bear will be playing with our good friends and some of my favorite unsigned musicians, Crabagado (formerly of Horribles fame) and Anna Bradley aka one of Slothbear's tightest musical pals. Surprise set from DuBlique solo????
IDK. The bands are going to be playing from 7-11 in the Slothbear's den in Valley Stream NY, the show is free, and on Linden Street.
Call me if you want info, though i doubt ill be getting many calls...
the number is 516 474 3398, ask for Josha FIERCE

in terms of more legit gigs, we're playing Death by Audio and Kenny's Castaways in April, which we are especially psyched about. We're going to play a host of hits of course, and Dooblee is looking into making some apparel, courtesy of Dave of the cadavers, though I think our stuff will be pretty aesthetically distinct from his other work.

Qids is coming along...

There is also a chance of an upcoming gig with Titus Andronicus at SUNY Stony Brook (where one half of the 'bear studies their arithmetic and the such) in early May. That would be a pretty pimp show to play. I think our aforementioned pals in Crabagado might be playing with them at some show in Jersey, alongside Craig's fave-faux-scottish band, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. All jokes aside "Come Saturday" is catchy as fuck.


EDIT: Though I didn't give a fuck about Grizzly Bear when (nor did us other sloths) when we formed Slothbear, I've really grown to appreciate them. Veckatimest is fucking sweet. Its no Merriweather Post Pavilion, but its definitely the next tier down.
Holla @ us Ed Droste!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

stone temple pilots

high places
no age
black lips
fleet foxes
los campesinos
the hold steady
titus andronicus
the walkmen
vivian girls
vampire weekend
the national
beach house
bonnie "prince" billy
david byrne
brian eno
obviously girl talk!
frightened rabbit
nick cave
atlas sound
gang gang dance
fuck buttons
the mae shi
fucked up
hercules and the love affair YIIIIIICK
tv on the radio
magnetic fields
why? (idk!)
born ruffians -- u shud play stoner brook tho
jamie lidell
.... the veronicas :I
love is all
telepathe (hehe)
sigur ros
crystal castles
the dodos
be your own pet (good riddance)
jay reatard
antony and the johnsons
hot chip
kanye west
cut copy
crystal stilts
the very best
lil wayne
flying lotus
air france
+ grizzly bear

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Josha's faves

Old Fly Shit

Jose and I had this debate back in the day. It was 1997, and I said that "Semi-Charmed Kind of Life" was the best song ever. He was an "I Just Wanna Fly" dude. 12 years later I stand by my choice.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

check this ol fly shit out

hey my new pal kabir just made an EP all by himself under the name ANNA BRADLEY called are you a young rebel? and it is very good and very short so you don't be a dick and just listen to it, SHIT.

my favez are "chronic," "i never learn," and "the hunger"

i accidentally inspired the name and accidentally made the cover art

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey this is Josha. I'm posting good tidings from a German blog who wrote about the 'bear today. They reviewed our first EP, and only official release to date, which as you devoted readers (hi mom) know, is titled simply SLothbeAR, but without the L or A capitalized, that's just me bein' wacky.

this is the link:

this is the translation:

"It twangs, blares, hums and roars! And all without becoming at the same time aggressive. Slothbear consistently got through the LoFi stich for its India skirt and zotteln such as the lip bear after which they named itself, strange, but nevertheless charming through the area. Admittedly: At the beginning, this EP is hardly audible! One considers that to be pure noise and hears no systems out. One becomes upset disturb himself at that guitar, and at places where the song is exaggerated yet loudly! Perhaps never will open itself one of this Sound, that the volumes puts there at the day. But perhaps one begins also to hear on the songs and the Sound as a part the very to see! The Sound the Guppe living in New York, that the songs on this EP with a broken vierspurigen tape recorder included has is one the consistently worst/best (correct mark) in the Netaudioszene. The songs again turn out in nearer view than sweet small India jewels with beautiful guitar part. Except in "You Make Me Choose You" (so to speak the "ballad" of this EP) becomes orderly riffgerockt, forwards geprescht and drummed. Somehow it creates these volumes just with its broken Sound also to remove itself koplett of the unit pulp and to remain hang in the head. This pearl out of the 2008 Netlabels tramped out of the ground stretched is needs ruin in any case the downloads and the time that it, appraise!"

The translation was done by some random thing I found via GOOGLE, ha. So there are some obvious mistranslations. I got a kick out of the fact that "You Make Me Choose You" a song by myself and Craig, that I frequently disavow, has once again been cited as the standout track. By sheer chance, "YMMCY" was busted out for the first time in six months this weekend as we jammed. I'm glad that the 'bear is getting love for our old EP, but my heart truly rests with our forthcoming LP, qids.

This is going to be the first full length record that Craig, Ian and I complete and one of a bunch that Doug has played on/recorded/engineered w/e. Right now most of the record's instrumentals are done. All my guitars are written, and barring a few overdubs (which we have stayed away from on all but one song) Craig is done with his. Ian's drums are finished and he has only his samples to add to the finished picture, which we have yet to start recording. Doug completed his bass parts which are very melodic and often played in the high register (he's a Carlos D fan) though some editing might occur. Four of the eleven songs have been "finished" with the exception of mixing errors and one fuck-up on a guitar toward the end of "Djam."
Right now, as you might already know (Mom), "No Dialogue" "Olio" "Djam" and "PA Kids" are all up on the myspace page.
There are two major projects ahead of us now. One is recording a twelfth song which might make the LP. I don't wanna ruin anything for anyone, but if you have been following the 'bear from our early days an old classic might rear its head, as long as the production comes out in a way that we like. The other major product comes in the form of my extensive lyrical revisions of the second song on qids, which was known as "Killed by Cars." I felt the song was too angsty and the lyrics were boring, so I set off to re-write them, and am now only slightly past square one. I have a verse I'm pleased with but have a lot ahead of me. Craig mentioned an idea about an EP today at lunch, but I figure that if we recorded one it wouldn't be til the record was finished being recorded.
We have a few tentative gigs ahead of us, including one in Palz's basement, with Alex and the Horribles, who alongside Weezer and Animal Collective have been all I've listened to this week (that's a lie I listened to No Age last night) and Anna Bradley, a pretty sweet band who I haven't ever been graced with a recording by ("hint hint Kabir"), not to mention college bro-hommes Gekko State. We are also apparently playing in a sunken Pirate ship or someshit, idfk.

I'm most psyched on "Fluoxetine" and "Little Qid"

I wish I could listen to them, but I don't have the tapes.


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no dialogue
killed by cars
pa kids
don't taunt a tiger
little qid
no faith schizophrenic crack pipe dreams
olio/d jam
the words will come