Sunday, March 22, 2009

Expounding Upon the SameOld...

We have two new songs/classic hits that we recorded yesterday for Qids. The tracklist is still up in the air, and its likely that something here or there will be left off, but it remains to be seen as we go. I finished Killed by Cars, barring some minor edits, which I am always prone to make. Yesterday's hulking achievement and the most clutch thing we got done was the completion of Olio/Djam. We've had a 2008 demo of the song up for a while, and we thought we were going to use it on Qids, but Ian cited dissatisfaction with the drums on that earlier version, though as it stands, the guitar solo I play on that rendition is probably the single greatest live take I've ever played. The result is a more raucous take on the song, which is very intense.

The earlier version had a more laid back vibe, but over the course of a few takes, and with the white hot waves of Craig's chords and Ian's fucking intense drumming, the new Djam is one of the most blistering jams I've ever played. Sometimes I feel detached from rock music, but other times I feel its redemptive power or whatever in such an intense way. Yesterday was a very rock day. Craig has some guitar overdubs left, Doug has to record bass for three songs and comp whatever guitar parts I laid down (on Djam and Fluoxetine I played a few solos, and we haven't sifted through them yet to see which takes were best), we have to figure out what we're doing with samples, try to record/re-work this interlude idea and of course do all the vocals. Then the four of us have to mix it together, with a lot of the footwork being done by Doug at NYU with Ian, his young protege.
We have that Death by Audio show coming up. I assume nobody reads this blog, but if you do and are in the NY area, you should come out to see us, it's gonna be a big show for us and more importantly fun as hell.

Also, we're trying to get a gig together to celebrate the brief return of Slothbear's main-man Jose Santos, who is back from the Marines for a spell. We're looking for a basement or really any type of venue for us to play at, and equally importantly, to throw a party for Jose at. I have a feeling an old hit will make its way into the repertoire that night...


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