Sunday, March 15, 2009

Basement Bonanza

Hey. Last night's show was pretty pimp, and I decided that whilst I listen to Fishscale, I should reflect upon it, so when my aunt in North Carolina, who is the only person who checks this as far as I know, sees it she can hear about the show!
So the first artist to play was Anna Bradley, who we've already referenced on this blog, and who is Kabir Kumar. Anna tore shit up. Some of Anna's songs work well as acoustic or solo pieces, but Kabir decided to treat even those songs with the utmost ferocity. He played a fucking sick red jaguar and blasted through about 11 songs in no more than 25 minutes.
Crabagado, who as I probably already mentioned are the next evolution of what was Alex and the Horribles, played an intense set. Alex twitched and screamed inebriated, and their takes on two Horribles songs were the peaks to me, but Kabir I know really liked the new Crabagado jams, which I'm anxious to hear recorded in studio. They had a very rollicking, good times vibe.

I cant review Slothbear's set, cuz I was in the midst of it. I had a shitload of fun though, despite my middle fretting fingertip being fucked up.
The Set:
White Christmas
No Faith Schizophrenic Crack Pipe Dreams
Fluoxetine/Don't Taunt A Tiger
Zotee/No Dialogue
The Exceptional Bastards
PA Kids (at Kabir's request)
Playthings/Grey and Depraved
Little Qid
(Swamp Boogie)

Also, we did a fun soundcheck for Ross of the Bird song, that's something I'd like to play out soon...

Pics by Kabir and others, soon!

the Fierce-one

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