Tuesday, June 26, 2012

torbus update

My resolution to go to bed before 5am remains unresolved, but whatever i get up at 2pm. I am on a reverse Torbus through hell and am slowly being consumed by anti vibes as i Benjamin Button my way back to being a helpless baby. I uploaded 3 clips from Torbus onto YouTube, then promptly deleted them after I found out the I could in fact edit them and crop them so they aren't tall guys. What is a Tall Guy? All these problems would not have existed if I didn't hold the iPhone camera sideways (tallways) on the reg, but that is the price of swag and taste in music. The criteria by which we shall all be judged. God's left and right eyes. The clip of me calling Doug a 'fucking bitch,' will make an appearance. But will this conglomeration contain anything else? Look forward to it, but don't get excited. I am an amazing videographer and I am currently penning a musical featuring the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers about doing heroin and having sex, but not about contracting AIDS, so don't worry, it isn't like a Rent retread or anything. So editing this should be right in my wheelhouse.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Tourbus Diaries: volume 1

So the promise of daily updates seems totally errant on my part. This lapse in judgement stems from my misguided belief that this was 2012 and that ther was wifi everywhere. Do not fret carful reader, as we have hardly abandoned the Torbus Diaries. So far Torbus has been off to what I would consider a commendable start. The band arrived to the first show in Philly a full two hours late due to the rapid deterioration of America's crumbling infrastructure. The sparse crowd at The Level Room gave the strongest reaction to the third song they played because that was the one I clapped the loudest for. After the set we met with the other bands who played that night. The entire set up room smelled like the most heinous body odor I have encountered in recent memory. At first I attributed the smell to the road-hardened touring veterans, however Josh later traced the smell to a single member of a local act who presumably slept in his own bed that night and woke up in it the day previous. We found a very gracious host to take us in for the night. She had a pretty awesome apartment, but the floors was fairly uneven. Our host wanted nothing to do with Torbus and mentioned that she didn't think Slothbear was any good, but received the entire Slothbear discography as compensation for giving us a place to stay.