Tuesday, June 26, 2012

torbus update

My resolution to go to bed before 5am remains unresolved, but whatever i get up at 2pm. I am on a reverse Torbus through hell and am slowly being consumed by anti vibes as i Benjamin Button my way back to being a helpless baby. I uploaded 3 clips from Torbus onto YouTube, then promptly deleted them after I found out the I could in fact edit them and crop them so they aren't tall guys. What is a Tall Guy? All these problems would not have existed if I didn't hold the iPhone camera sideways (tallways) on the reg, but that is the price of swag and taste in music. The criteria by which we shall all be judged. God's left and right eyes. The clip of me calling Doug a 'fucking bitch,' will make an appearance. But will this conglomeration contain anything else? Look forward to it, but don't get excited. I am an amazing videographer and I am currently penning a musical featuring the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers about doing heroin and having sex, but not about contracting AIDS, so don't worry, it isn't like a Rent retread or anything. So editing this should be right in my wheelhouse.

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