Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Twisted and wretched, Krillin slips and slithers through the dimly lit bar. Krillin wants to fuck Doug, Krillin wants to fuck Craig, Krillin wants to fuck Josh, Krillin wants to fuck Ian and Krillin wants to fuck me. His face is beady, tiny openings smaller in proportion to his tiny body. His skin is smooth and taught, I can see the outlines of bones protruding from his skin. "Meet me in the bathroom!!" he squeals like the pig he is to no one in particular; he lives to have good times and fuck with impunity. He pours the lubricant over his head like a monk preparing for self immolation...deeply ritualized. "You guys want drugs?" he asks with a hand down his pants, burning with naked lust. "We need to get the fuck out of here!" I say, scanning for the nearest exit. The tour is over we are all dead. Doug turns to face Krillin with a sense of morbid curiosity. "I don't know guys, I don't think we should write of Krillin so soon." I glower at him with unbridled intensity as I slink away in search of a place to hide. Krillin and two youths form a dog pile on the floor and his lubricated body slides over them in a display of bacchanal excess. "I AM DRUGS!" krillin wails as he beats his naked chest. Escaping outside a witch sits smoking noxious Indian cigarettes. "You guys need a place to stay?" she spits through the criss cross of crooked teeth. "You can stay at my apartment if you kill me. I have board games and money," she says, spilling quarters from her purse and into the cracks of the sidewalk. Krillin walks out of the bar with the look of in a euphoric daze as the smell of sweat, and dried semen exude from his pores. He lights a cigarette and exhales deep satisfaction. KRILLIN: I thought you guys from New York would know how to party. KYLE: FUCK YOU KRILLIN. DOUG: I smoked weed one time. KYLE: FUCK YOU DOUG. KRILLIN: Lick my skin, it will melt your brain. JOSH: I think I am going to have to pass, I'm pretty tired. KRILLIN: (removes dildo from pocket) You guys ever play around with one of these? It will blow your mind. "I'm in this band y'know but i fucking hate music. I fucking hate these people. I fucking hate myself." the razors slashes at the fools throat as his blood spills onto the concrete in spurts. "This is the only way out. The same way i came in." Krillin sticks his aerodynamic bald head into the fools gaping neck hole. His skull still slick with lube slides easily into the fool's esophagus."I'm like a fucking donut baby!" he yells pushing further, entering the lung. his feet kicking from the mans open neck.