Friday, September 24, 2010

new EP

so last weekend we started recording a new EP, a last hurrah for josh's empty old house in roslyn. we are thinking of calling it CANTER ON and it will have 5 songs. one song is a bit of a dark, quasi-improv jam; another one is sung by doug, a sloth first. two of the songs have been kicking around for a while in secrecy, and the last one is legitimately new. in general it's a cloudy one and we are very excited about it-- been employing some new recording techniques such as recording live, all of us, running the ole 4-track as a room mic, adding some haunted piano and found sounds, and tuning the drumkit.

i am working on the cover art in my intro to printmaking class and will post it semi-shortly. the bulk of the basic tracks are hopefully done, but i don't know when everything will be finished, nor released, and am not comfortable making predictions given how long it took us to make a record last time.

Friday, September 17, 2010