Thursday, March 12, 2009

upcoming gigs

This saturday the 'bear will be playing with our good friends and some of my favorite unsigned musicians, Crabagado (formerly of Horribles fame) and Anna Bradley aka one of Slothbear's tightest musical pals. Surprise set from DuBlique solo????
IDK. The bands are going to be playing from 7-11 in the Slothbear's den in Valley Stream NY, the show is free, and on Linden Street.
Call me if you want info, though i doubt ill be getting many calls...
the number is 516 474 3398, ask for Josha FIERCE

in terms of more legit gigs, we're playing Death by Audio and Kenny's Castaways in April, which we are especially psyched about. We're going to play a host of hits of course, and Dooblee is looking into making some apparel, courtesy of Dave of the cadavers, though I think our stuff will be pretty aesthetically distinct from his other work.

Qids is coming along...

There is also a chance of an upcoming gig with Titus Andronicus at SUNY Stony Brook (where one half of the 'bear studies their arithmetic and the such) in early May. That would be a pretty pimp show to play. I think our aforementioned pals in Crabagado might be playing with them at some show in Jersey, alongside Craig's fave-faux-scottish band, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. All jokes aside "Come Saturday" is catchy as fuck.


EDIT: Though I didn't give a fuck about Grizzly Bear when (nor did us other sloths) when we formed Slothbear, I've really grown to appreciate them. Veckatimest is fucking sweet. Its no Merriweather Post Pavilion, but its definitely the next tier down.
Holla @ us Ed Droste!

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