Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brooklyn Endeavors: LIVEJOURNAL LOLZ

so i'm in this alley way, and things have been dripping on me at least forty five minutes. dublique's van is broken down, he's tryin in a feverish haze to fix it, and these camouflaged garbed eye-rapists are snarling and bearing their teeth. palz and bates went to smoke and i was just sort of off to myself, there were brunettes but i was overwrought with anxiety. i kept twitching and jumping with every new shadow cast, waiting for this big, racist, inevitable event, stemming from some broken liquor bottle or look of alleged ill intent.
this violinist chick is around and she'd been shredding something ferocious, but that was way after the alley part. bespectacled i entered, unbuttoned to midriff. in this real strange christmas plaid, amphibians up in my esophagus(?spellcheck), i keep up this scoff, and i'm real nervous about nosebleeds, cuz i've had a lot lately.
twee pop and roots bullshit, i remember how rock and roll i am.
we don't do some of the favorites, but we do some of the others.

the setlist was: fluoxetine/dont taunt a tiger/killed by cars/no
dialogue/interlude/little qid.

kabir, martin and justin came out. lara and guy missed it but showed up.

so i'm in that closet, looks like a wealthy friend's father's study, and she was small and string broken. it only worsened in the hall, with kabir, palz and the newfound professor, when two girls, cumulative twenties were shaking just out of reach to quote an almost 20th c doug. one whose lip was dually punctured, one in arms of cokehead.

sure wouldve liked to play later, to the hordes of hipsters and the such, but hey, whats a boy to do? we played well it was fun and cathartic and all those things, though alas it was fleeting. we ought to get more shows with the likes of these bluegrass, key of c brooklyners, hawk and dove(cute violinists abound, missed their set eating pizza--> major faux pas), doug's new group (jealousy!) beauty feast or someshit and strange shapes, whose set i missed whilst learning from the professor, seeing two hotties (and totally blowing a chance with one of them, who definitely wouldnt have gone for a goofy ass nicka like me, but who i honestly had an easy oppurtunity to start talking to). NO REGRETS!

Anyway, we plan on training at lengths when the car's fixed in the ghetto and getting strong for DBA.

setlist tba.

oh yeah my exgirlfriend raped me.

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