Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey this is Josha. I'm posting good tidings from a German blog who wrote about the 'bear today. They reviewed our first EP, and only official release to date, which as you devoted readers (hi mom) know, is titled simply SLothbeAR, but without the L or A capitalized, that's just me bein' wacky.

this is the link:

this is the translation:

"It twangs, blares, hums and roars! And all without becoming at the same time aggressive. Slothbear consistently got through the LoFi stich for its India skirt and zotteln such as the lip bear after which they named itself, strange, but nevertheless charming through the area. Admittedly: At the beginning, this EP is hardly audible! One considers that to be pure noise and hears no systems out. One becomes upset disturb himself at that guitar, and at places where the song is exaggerated yet loudly! Perhaps never will open itself one of this Sound, that the volumes puts there at the day. But perhaps one begins also to hear on the songs and the Sound as a part the very to see! The Sound the Guppe living in New York, that the songs on this EP with a broken vierspurigen tape recorder included has is one the consistently worst/best (correct mark) in the Netaudioszene. The songs again turn out in nearer view than sweet small India jewels with beautiful guitar part. Except in "You Make Me Choose You" (so to speak the "ballad" of this EP) becomes orderly riffgerockt, forwards geprescht and drummed. Somehow it creates these volumes just with its broken Sound also to remove itself koplett of the unit pulp and to remain hang in the head. This pearl out of the 2008 Netlabels tramped out of the ground stretched is needs ruin in any case the downloads and the time that it, appraise!"

The translation was done by some random thing I found via GOOGLE, ha. So there are some obvious mistranslations. I got a kick out of the fact that "You Make Me Choose You" a song by myself and Craig, that I frequently disavow, has once again been cited as the standout track. By sheer chance, "YMMCY" was busted out for the first time in six months this weekend as we jammed. I'm glad that the 'bear is getting love for our old EP, but my heart truly rests with our forthcoming LP, qids.

This is going to be the first full length record that Craig, Ian and I complete and one of a bunch that Doug has played on/recorded/engineered w/e. Right now most of the record's instrumentals are done. All my guitars are written, and barring a few overdubs (which we have stayed away from on all but one song) Craig is done with his. Ian's drums are finished and he has only his samples to add to the finished picture, which we have yet to start recording. Doug completed his bass parts which are very melodic and often played in the high register (he's a Carlos D fan) though some editing might occur. Four of the eleven songs have been "finished" with the exception of mixing errors and one fuck-up on a guitar toward the end of "Djam."
Right now, as you might already know (Mom), "No Dialogue" "Olio" "Djam" and "PA Kids" are all up on the myspace page.
There are two major projects ahead of us now. One is recording a twelfth song which might make the LP. I don't wanna ruin anything for anyone, but if you have been following the 'bear from our early days an old classic might rear its head, as long as the production comes out in a way that we like. The other major product comes in the form of my extensive lyrical revisions of the second song on qids, which was known as "Killed by Cars." I felt the song was too angsty and the lyrics were boring, so I set off to re-write them, and am now only slightly past square one. I have a verse I'm pleased with but have a lot ahead of me. Craig mentioned an idea about an EP today at lunch, but I figure that if we recorded one it wouldn't be til the record was finished being recorded.
We have a few tentative gigs ahead of us, including one in Palz's basement, with Alex and the Horribles, who alongside Weezer and Animal Collective have been all I've listened to this week (that's a lie I listened to No Age last night) and Anna Bradley, a pretty sweet band who I haven't ever been graced with a recording by ("hint hint Kabir"), not to mention college bro-hommes Gekko State. We are also apparently playing in a sunken Pirate ship or someshit, idfk.

I'm most psyched on "Fluoxetine" and "Little Qid"

I wish I could listen to them, but I don't have the tapes.


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