Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strange Shapes/Castles

so i got the s/t strange shapes EP today and it's pretty great. i'd compare it to vampire weekend meets grizzly bear, but a little jangly. their songs have lots of cool little parts and the guitar work is really cool; the production is also great. it's always a relief to find guitar bands that don't just do the whole 4/4 rock thing but who aren't mathy.

they let you download it for free here: http://vanityimprintproductions.com/VI00 7_StrangeShapes_SS.zip

we're playing the lit lounge with them next month on the 23rd-- pretty psyched for that.

sheffield-based recording artist GHOSTS compiled a mixtape of bedroom recordings by a buncha cool lo-fi acts called "Castles" and included "the exceptional bastards."

download it as one half-hour mp3 here: http://www.mediafire.com/?xnw0m2y0jmx

00:00 - Ghosts - 'Ghosts'
02:33 - Dead Gaze - 'A Simple Man' ***
06:13 - Old Blood - 'Cannibal Lovin'
08:53 - Mazes - 'Smoker Song'
09:29 - Slothbear - 'The Exceptional Bastards'***
12:47 - Dog Bite - 'Swans'***
16:00 - Death In Donut Plains - 'Empty Belly of the Trojan Horse'***
20:00 - Warren Myles - 'Boxing Day'
22:32 - With Moths - 'Two Birds'
24:41 - No Lakes - 'Sailors Ball on Ghost at Sea'
27:10 - A. God Water - 'Don't Be Like You'
28:54 - Thee Moths - 'Ghost With a Robotic Left Leg Wanders the Old Home'***

*** = SlothApproved Hot-Track (tm)

l8 p

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kabir/anna said...

strange shapes remind me of a more masculin, chilled-out dirty projectors