Friday, September 5, 2008


MAYBE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD but we've lately been tearing up the Blog O' Sphere by which i mean we've received a handful of (generally) positive write-ups of our Extended Play on some pretty sweet blogs. Here's what the people are saying:

"i love when people send over shit with nothing other than a few mp3’s and a few sentences. such is the case with sloth bear. no individual band member names, no myspace page, no album title, nothing… just, and i am paraphrasing, hey we are sloth bear, we recorded this in our basement on a 4 track, blah blah blah. i appreciate that they didnt send me to myspace or some other bullshit. instead, they sent over 6 tracks of what turned out to be pure fuzzed out pop bliss complete with barely decipherable lyrics. that shit gets me every time, in all seriousness."
-- Captain's Dead

"Oh baby, have you been looking for a band that continues the Lo Fi aesthetic a la GBV? One that has Volume Compressed guitars (no it's not Times New Viking, let me finish), and has L.I. roots? Then you gots to listen to some Slothbear."
-- Gimme Tinnitus

"So I get alot of stuff in my mailbox from bands...well, not alot, but some. I've been meaning to write about it all, but never gotten around to it. So with that said, I just got an email from a New York band called Slothbear, and I instantly liked it. Lo-fi noise pop. This gives me alitte Sic Alps feeling; which is a good thing. According to their myspace page, the songs "were recorded on a broken four track with no microphones."
Great. Keep using it."
-- Compost Modern Art

"They ain’t crap"
-- Bad Luck City

a big zoocratic thank you to all of these noble bloggers.

-- slothbear has been booked yet again at Mr Beery's in Bethpage. We be jammin Friday, October 17th opening for such alleged indie rock luminaries as Gilgongo, Moose Moose, and Lost Nairb. Show starts at 9.

And lastly, on a much more diabolical note, this awesome photograph reminded me of the heart wrenching tale behind it.


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