Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pod Fodder 58 = Don't Taunt a Tiger

so lately whenever i've done a vanity search for slothbear this pod fodder 58 business comes up fairly often, and the youtube clip above makes it pretty obvious that don't taunt a tiger has been mislabeled as such by quite a few people. from what i gather, it originates from burning world, a pretty sick blog who have been very kind to slothbear over the year(s). we made it on to the 58th installment of their "pod fodder" playlist series, and as a result, people have been mistaking it for the title of the song, and further compounding this labeling problem in writing it "sloth bear" as two words. ultimately i think it's pretty awesome and lucky to see the song be enjoyed by lots of people, and don't care what people call it so long as they hear it.

however, i'd also love it if these people heard our other songs, and wonder if the chances of this are hurt by the mislabeling. for that reason alone, and with the admitted realization that this blog post will likely not reach many of the people jammin to "pod fodder 58" by sloth bear, i'd like to go on spotblog record in saying that the song is called "don't taunt a tiger," that it was released with an equally ear-worthy song called "killed by cars," and that both these tracks will be on our record called Qids, which will eventually come out one of these days...


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