Friday, May 21, 2010

Codex Slothaphinianus

Regarding Cell Phone safety, Larry King Live had a woman on (May 17th) whose husband got a brain tumour from excessive use of a cell phone. Recent study on cellphone use & brain tumours was inconclusive but there does seem to be a connection, so all you young people out there & older ones, too, please use your cell p...hones sparringly and get a hands free headset. I love the TV documentaries about UFOs, USOs, The Nostradamous Effect and Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Climate Change. I think I would like to be friends with a member of the British Royal Family on Facebook. No such luck I guess! Did anyone see Family Guy tonight? It was funny. Stewie gets baptized with tainted holy water. Stewie says that old people are ugly no matter how cute they try to make them look on Desperate Housewives...then he tells viewers he will wait while they go to ABC and check for themselves. I kkeep getting e-mails about the oil spill being eco-terrorism. I haven't opened & read these e-mails, but I did hear a talk radio show where someone speculated it could have been sabatoge. Happy 18th Birthday Christina Marie! We love you! Best of luck at university! I clicked onto Carol's looks delicious; her other photos are nice, too. Beautiful song; according to Wikipedia, this band went on hiatis in 2007. Craig, you know what they say about publicity - no good or bad, just spell my name right! Here is a brief sample of Take It Easy Hospital. I love this band - Take It Easy Hospital. Also, jellyfish are blooming much more frequently than was the normal cycle. Could global warming be to blame? When the Japanese try to kill the Nomura's Jellyfish, the fenakes release millions of eggs and the males release millions of sperm, insuring the next generation of Nomura's. They go to the ocean floor as polyps and can stay there for a very long time; then, something triggers them to change into the Normura's; scientists don't know what the trigger is. Nomura's Jellyfish have invaded the Sea of Japan; they can be up to 450 lbs and 12 feet wide. They sting and kill fish that the fishing industry of Japan depends upon to feed its people. Jellyfish can live almost anywhere in the seas - the cold Artic, the hot vents and the deep ocean. Irukandji jellyfish cause irukandji syndrome if they bite you and it can cause death; can be treated but there is no anti-venom. Box jellyfish have 24 eyes and primitive nerve endings that interpret what they see so that they can capture prey. The universe will end in one of 3 ways - The Big Freeze, The Big Crunch or The Big Rip. Boston U. students rock! I love this song! Maybe time on other planets is different than time on Earth. Life on another planet in another galaxy may look very different than ours if they don't have water as the giver of life but some other liquid instead. Would we age slower on other planets in other galaxies? Physicist Brian Cox of the University of Manchester in England used to be in a rock band called D:REAM. Think of all the planets out there and we have no idea what is going on on them unless they are being recorded by the Hubble Telescope or something like it. An electron can be in 2 places at the same time; maybe living in different parallel universes; a multiverse. Can a person be in 2 places at the same time? The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal. Whatever is not forbidden is mandatory - Michio Kaku. Naturally occurng wormholes may have been created at the time of the big bang. If you had a spinning black hole and a worm hole because of it, you could jump in if you could keep the wormhole open so it doesn't come down on you; then you could go back in time. Wormholes may work as time machines, too. They are shortcuts. the previous show was about a parallel universe which functions by means of a very thin membrane. If you are near a black hole, you would age much slower than you would on earth. wormholes in space & time may be a gateway to the distant past. The faster you travel, as in a train, airplane or rocket ship, the more time slows down although it is infintessimal. Gravity bends space and tme. Michio Kaku wrote the book The Physics of the Impossible. I recommend young people study physics and astronomy. I am watching a show on Channel 170 about Time Travel. Fascinating. Christina F. sorry, just went on Bergeouhy & got your friend on facebook request; i usually use which I read almost every day. Oven Fries With Garlic Aoli Recipe by Curtis Stone. Hi, Camille. Thanks. I know I look ugly! And fat! But, it takes alot of exercise & eating in moderation to stay in shape. Imagine all the people, living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Maybe one day you'll join us, and we all can live as one. - the late great John Lennon. I made chocolate chip cookies with walnut oil instead of butter; had to add a bit of canola oil to make up 1 cup; now, out of walnut oil & have to buy more. Remembering those innocent days of Cousin Brucie. There are alot of great singers & musicians from the younger generation. My favorites are Coldplay and The Frey. Also, an up and coming band named Slothbear of which our son, Craig, is a member. I went to Pathmark. I bought walnut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, canola oil and white balsamic vinegar as well as some other things. Walnut oil is healthy and I bake sugar cookies iwth it as the recipe asks for vegetable oil. Arlene B. Heed. Watched Biography of Andy Gibb; he was so handsome, so talented, what a waste for him to kill himself with drugs; he had a daughter and she looks like him. Hope we all can make the world a better place for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, etc. It is still snowing, but not big wet drops like yesterday; it looks like very fine snow, but it has accumulated at 7 to 14 inches. Where is Spring? Sorry, last comment was directed to Phillip. Glad your much needed vacation was everything you'd hoped it would be and maybe more. I didn't know this was an old-fashioned way of facebooking. I remember Mr. Revett used to tear boys shirts off. Another great song by the Frey (or is it The Fray?) - You Found Me. Lead singer has a very distinctive voice. I love it! Sorry, song by Carolina Liar is SHOW ME WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR. First, Josh, glad you are such a prolific reader. Wish Craig was! (Sorry, maybe Craig is and I don't know it!). Secondly, I love the song by Kelly Clarkson ALREADY GONE. Also, song by Carolina Liar SHOW ME THE WAY TO GO. Read an article in TIME about child-sex slave trafficking in South Africa. Made me almost physically sick. These poor children are tortured, raped, and often die of AIDS. Some religious and social workers try to rescue some but can't stop the ongoing horror. Reading the book The Man From Pakistan - The True Story of the World's Most Dangerous Nuclear Smuggler by Douglas Frantz and Catherine Collins. To think all this was going on and I was so blissfully ignorant! If you go to and type Sloth Bear in the Search Box, you get Sloth Bear tee shirts & hoodies. With great sayings on them.

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