Friday, July 9, 2010

Indy Rock Reveiws MIXTAPE:::B- songs by C- bands

Best Coast - "When I'm With You"

I can't tell whether or not this chick is cute because I can't tell whether or not she's secretly chubby, plus she looks fifteen years older than she is and that just doesn't bode well in the long term. Terrible marriage material. Anyways, this is a pretty catchy song, albeit the sort of jaded and insincere bullshit you could only deal with for three to seven days, tops. Still, a memorable, if unoriginal hook, with proto-pre-King Wavves production. Unsurprisingly enough, her only other good song, "Feelings of Love," is melodically similar enough to always feel as if it should break into the chorus of "When I'm With You." I don't understand how the ole idea pool can be so shallow with these people, and yet time and time again, there's always some ponce in some high place who's ready to push it. If that very same ponce ever happens upon this here blog, I'd just like to say that this whole beach-themed, cat-loving stoner aesthetic (see: artwork for this forthcoming LP, the Wavves one below) is pretty lame. I read an interview with this ho where she likens "When I'm With You" to "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" (the audacity mk III). No wonder she flunked outta art school.

Washed Out - "Feel it All Around"

A pretty pimp song honestly; the drum fill sample is especially sick. "New Theory" is another good one, embodying that same feel good vibe while being perhaps a bit more buoyant. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all this dude has in the tank. In fact, I'd tell you to just listen to Small Black instead, since the first three songs on their EP are great, as is their b-side "King of All Animals," but they never responded to a heartfelt email I once wrote them, and so I'll just assume they're a buncha pricks who don't need your money or hard drive space.

Delorean - "Stay Close"

I don't have it in me to be hard on these dudes. They've apparently been at it for ten years now despite only breaking about a year or so ago, and they don't exude the air of obnoxious hipsters. Respeck. This song, while sort've gay, is a very good song, ageless by modern indie rock standards in that I probably first heard it about a month ago and can still appreciate it. A "sick running jam" if I'd ever heard one. However, my reservations about it-- that it's like Merriweather taken one step too far into the realm of gay, guido fist-pumping techno -- are endemic of the rest of this disc. A collection of not-quite-there-yet Person Pitch outtakes, with just enough thump to not be completely surreal if heard blaring out the window of a white Escalade on Franklin Avenue.

Sleigh Bells
- "Crown on the Ground"

This chick is really hot. Didn't know whether to single out this one, "Straight A's," "Rill Rill" or "Tell 'Em." Those were the only ones in consideration because the rest are all a bit shitty. I'd pretend to like them all if this chick was my girlfriend, tho (the one about her A/B tracks does have one cool riff...). I believe I already used the phrase "jaded, insincere bullshit" so I'd rather not sound redundant. It's funny though that the retard/dude in this band used to be emo. I guess when you rock a tattered, circa 1986 NY Mets bullpen jacket, you're ironic enough to make all those bozo brainz in Brooklyn forget.

Girls - "Lust for Life"

Man, fuck these guys. Talk about a shallow pool, every song's bread and butter is the major-to-minor chord change. Josh and I actually started a joke side project called Cuddleston Bear, in which we did the same thing in a strictly pre-1965 Beatles style. In fact, the lone fruit of our labor, "ILU," was posted on this blog a long while back, and I'd advise trying to track it down somehow as it's better than Girls, and if you're the type of person who frequently listens to Girls, it's not like the time wasted on tracking down a Slothbear rarity would've been better spent anyway, right?

- "Burn Bridges"

Another dude who is all about smoking pot and loving his cat. That these fuckheads became a hype band only a couple months after forming is sickening. I do endorse this track's misanthropic message though (I only know two lines), but tried myself to temper any bridge burning by excluding any "one B- wonders" who may be slightly more inclined to stumble upon this blog post in their vanity searches.

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This playlist is only six songs because, had these bands kept their respective records to only six or so songs, perhaps they would've been good like the one I made.

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