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On the ears! # 2: Slothbear - Qids
Published on 10/10/2010
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Slothbear I have known for some years, but in me is still sailed past that their first proper album in April of this year is out. I thought they were always great, especially at a time when their recordings sounded shitty still. Since you had to work really something, because the songwriting of the troops is just totally sympathetic, fresh and great hid "back then" but after tons of bad reception caused by noise. But the more you just took the true talent of the group, the more you have them somehow in love with, with their subtle, bratzig recorded songs. Almost like a bear just damn cute but somehow too big and loud.
This detour has to do with "Qids" no more. When I heard that the album was recorded in good sound quality, I found it almost a pity to me about myself I could make an impression. The thing is still noisy, but still as lovable. Only this time on a readily accessible level. From listening to the old songs from the first EP is a big part in a new light. Unfortunately, there is my favorite, "You Make Me Choose You," but I can cope.
So, overall really nice and great indie rock for fans of groups like Pavement and Dinosaur Jr., fits me just so totally into that stuff. And above all, the small group from America to know there is too little!

The self-titled debut EP available as a free download on Rack & Ruin Records. Caution: Loud and crashing! # album2

The album Qids there has long been the Internet for free, right now I think only the Media Fire link. If the words should no longer be legal to simply write and I take out!

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acousticfirework said...

Hi guys, thanks for posting my blog on your page ;) Have you somehow edited the translation? because it sounds to good to be translated by google. But the message is still the same: your music is great^^
If you want to, you can listen to my music as well, it's also in german, but you can try it though.
keep the music loud

slothbear said...

thanks for writing about us on your blog in the first place! that's the unedited google translation-- i'm sure the post was much more adroitly written in german before the translator garbled everything, haha. really glad you like our music, would love to check yours out. where can i hear it?

acousticfirework said...

you can download it for free on Digital Kunstrasen Netlabel, just check out the section "Musik & Downloads" on my blog. there you'll find a link. as i said, it's entirely in german, some singer/songwriter-stuff. but maybe you'll like it anyway ;)
have fun,