Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Harpoon Forever Intangible 7"

our good pals/adversaries/near TORBUSmates in harpoon forever have just issued their second single. the A side, "creedence pattern," begins with a courageous introduction from my favorite member of the H4E entourage, and marks the vocal reemergence of idyllic internet personality D Tony Spaldo, who was the driving creative force behind one of slothbear's all-time best greatest best bands, alex and the horribles. "maya angelou" features some pretty sick wah guitar as well as some fairly impassioned jamblockery. overall i think this might be better than the first harpoon single, which i also thoroughly enjoyed, and what's more encouraging, my two favorite songs of theirs -- "judy b" and "cruel story of youth" -- haven't even been released yet.