Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hyper Sentinel Force

Today, I get a text from Craig asking if I'd like to start posting on the spotblog. When someone hands you your dreams you take them.
For a time in the 08 or 09 ( i am hazy on the details, I may actually still be managing them which says more about them than it ever could of me) i managed slothbear. In my tenure as manager I set strict guidelines like "no fat chicks," this rule proved too problematic and I was instantly terminated. While my time as manager was brief, I still learned some valuable life lessons. The first while it may seem obvious is that there is no pain in life that cannot be cured by the sweet release of death. The second: never get between dbleek and his fat chicks. Ever.
Nowadays, I live the lonely life of a recluse. I spend up to ten hours a day excersizing my latent psychic abilities and polishing my wrestling skills. I can stare through a persons soul and follow up with a DDT. When the Illuminati (Jews) make their move and I am forced to wrestle for my life In one of their thunder-gogues you will not want to be In the other corner.
I hope the readers of this blog view my addition as a contributor as the first steps into the golden age of spotblog. You are honestly a dummy if you don't, I realize I have been mum on the subject until now but I feel it is worth mentioning that I am a WHITE GOD. There is seriously a church in Asia where Chinese and Japanese people gather to worship me. I typed this entire post on an iPhone, sure It isn't practical, but it is fucking god-like. Later scrubs!

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