Friday, November 4, 2011

"Sleepy Daze" anti-video

we don't have any fans, so I took the matter of 'cheesy fan-made youtube slideshow' into my own hands.

catch the rest of the album and more scribble scrabbles here



Kyle Townsend Myers said...

The song is great the video is great. It kind of breaks my heart that no one comments on this blog, but then again i also feel a sense of pride that we've managed to intimidate people.

slothbear said...

thanks! yeah it'd be cool if we got lots of hits and incited lots of rage but it is kind of cool to have a band-affiliated blog that does nothing but make the band more alienating. how do you promote a blog without networking with other blogs? maybe we should really get that podcast going. i just don't wanna pretend i like any other blogs because a) i don't and b) it doesn't mesh with the spotblog aesthetic/ethos