Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Take your Super Bowl party to the next FUCKING level

Don't fuck around this year. You know you are going to eat sausage at the Super Bowl So why not eat the best sausage and brats made by the brand that invented Sausage and Brats? When it comes to sausage quality matters; all other brands of sausage are made from 35% entrails 25% dicks 30% feces and 10% teeth. At Johnsonville they castrate all animals prior to butchering so you know you are only getting the good stuff. The Johnsonville name has been synonymous with quality for over 500 years, JAY-Z eats these fucking sausages. So this year rather than eating hot dogs and hamburgers buy like 200 Johnsonville sausages and watch your friends tear down your front door and kill each other in your living room over the delicious country smoked flavor of handmade sausages and bratwursts. Also try the "Beddar with Cheddar" sausages so good you will swear they were made with real meat or cheddar.

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