Friday, April 29, 2011

Slothbear Contest

Slothbear has a new EP or some shit coming out soon and I am giving away one copy for FREE signed by the boys with a personalized letter of sincere appreciation from Doug Bleek. That's right, shit just got real. We are taking the concept of Pokemon Snap and integrating fat people and twitter. The rules of the contest are pretty simple but it is a multi step process so let me break it down for you.
step 1: follow the slothdudes or me on twitter.( @bearslothbearsl and @Ktomitted respectively)
step 2: take a candid picture of a fat person
step 3: tweet the picture mentioning either Slothbear or myself and the hashtag #ssafcontest (bonus points will be awarded for a funny caption)
step 4: we score the photos based on how funny they are
Contest RULEZ
1. photo must be candid, in other words: fatso can't know
2. we are looking for fat randos, not people you know like your fat mom or fat brother. they can however be renowned fat people.
3. obv: no self portraits
4. no shit you find on the internet
we are judging these photos on how funny they are so if you see some fat chick order over 10 tacos at taco bell and eat them inside the restaurant alone take a picture and win something for it. Fatties do funny shit all the time, just look at Ralphie May.

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