Sunday, April 10, 2011

some picx from my one man show

the other week i had a solo show in the gallery at my school's art center. it was the first time i ever formally displayed my work, and my aunt cathy (shouuuutouuuuuut) was kind enough to take a few photos. here are the ones that came out the least blurry:

pavo album cover-- i never sprayed the evergreens with any sort of fixative or whatever, so they've kinda wilted. maybe i'll replace em someday.

this is another mixed media thing i did of a basking shark, one of my favorite sharks when i was a kid. i had a dream very similar to this, only with heavy floodlighting.

edit-this is an angry portrait from long ago

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Kyle Townsend Myers said...

Shit. I should've taken these pics. Cool shit, art is the new scene.