Sunday, May 27, 2012

Torbus announcements

Torbus 2012 kicks off in approximately one week. I will be accompanying the band on their trek to Minneapolis in order to chronicle as much of this tour as humanly possible. I imagine most of this data including photos, videos, raps, charts, nonfiction short stories, audio, statistics, drawings, poems and journal entries will be posted here, so be sure to bookmark this blog if you haven't already for (at least) daily updates on what's going down. Follow both my twitter (@KTomitted) and the Slothbear twitter (@Bearslothbearsl) to keep us informed on what kind of content you are most interested in seeing on this blog, Craig is also presumably going to put one of those share tabs on this blog so you can share these posts and hopefully ruin someone's Facebook/Twitter feeds while raising our Klout score into the double digits (stratosphere). Be sure to use the hashtag #Torbus to tweet us clever messages, we may read the best ones aloud to an audience of strangers at one of the shows.

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